Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples

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Lyle Point returning to the Yakama Nation
- A letter to the editor

LYLE POINT, Washington. It is a great accomplishment for the Yakamas to regain land they have used for fishing for thousands of years. Read More

The American Indians are a peaceful people who live off the land in harmony with nature. American Indians are famous for their respect for the land they live on. Native Americans were/are great hunters and hunted for survival not just for game. They would use every possible part of the animal they killed and not let anything go to waste. There are many different Native American tribes spread across North America and South America. Each has its own leader or indian chief and follows their own Native American religion.

Native American Carvings and Paintings
Native American Carvings depicting a hunt, Price, Utah

Native Americans thrived until Columbus and the white settlers came over from Europe, bringing their ideals and diseases with them. Native Americans were more prone to the diseases and many of them died because of the wide spread epidemics they faced. At first the settlers were friendly towards the American Indians, but they soon turned against them and pushed them from their native lands. The American Indians were fierce warriors and fighters and used tactics that the white settlers were not accustomed to. The American Indians had a sense for everything around them and they could track the movements of the white men. There were many historical battles fought between the American Indians and the Europeans, including the American Revolutionary War, Chickamauga Wars, North West Indian War, and many other battles. The Wounded Knee Massacre followed by the killing of Sitting Bull led to the final battle of Indian wars. Americans Indians have since been forced to live on Indian reservations, stripped of their native lands.

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